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Consulting Services


Design Strategy

Need to get a product design project started? I can help! I will review requirements or product ideas and assist in defining a path forward. I organize design activities that bring cross-functional teams together to improve collaboration. Let's build together.

Wall of ideas

Product Design

I design the user experience of digital products from conception to launch in partnership with product managers, engineers, and business stakeholders. I deliver wireframes, mockups, prototypes, and journey maps at lightning speed. 

Prototype Designer


I identify the specific design skills needed for your project and assist in finding design talent or enhancing the skills of your current design team. I will help establish a comprehensive DesignOps team to improve the quality and impact of design outputs.

Office Meeting


I'm a designer who loves to tell a good story and is passionate about the creative process.

The nature of each product design project varies in urgency, technical feasibility and available design resources.

I customize the design process by performing activities that align with your unique needs in order to speed up innovation and bring your ideas to market, faster.

Eny Hathaway
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